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Offering bronze military insignia, bronze military emblems, military flag holders, military flag cases, urns, Challenge Coin Racks, and much more!

Matching Veteran Plaques

Matching Veteran Plaque

Bronze Matching Veteran Plaque- $735

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Bronze Flower Vases

Veteran Bronze Inverted Vases for Cemetery Installation

Grecian Veteran's Flower Vase

     The Veteran Bronze Grecian Vase is an inverted style vase with stars on the mounting ring. Made of heavy cast bronze for enduring beauty. Made in America by Matthews Bronze.  Priced at only $499 plus shipping and state tax if applicable.

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Personalized Bronze Inverted Vase

Inverted Flower Vase

In up-right position

Personalized with Name and Dates

In-Ground Postion

Easily turns upside down into the ground when not in use.

Easily Inverts into the Ground when not in use.

     We now offer a PERSONALIZED bronze inverted flower vase with the name and years of your loved one molded into the ring of the vase. The vase can be easily inverted when not in use, and locks into place.  Priced at only $649.95 plus shipping.

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